Friday, August 1, 2008

Late, again!

As I sit a home last night and think... "It's Thursday! I'm supposed to post today... I haven't crafted a gosh-darn thing." SO... off I went. I threw together a "placemat" bag for a basket my Stitch'n'Bitch crew is filling for a silent auction. (Como Park Block Nurse Porgram is having a fundraiser at the Como Park Carousel on Monday, August 11! Come ride the Carousel! It's beautiful!) I also wanted to try turning some of my cast-off cat food cans into pin cushions. SO... here are the results...

I am thinking about embellishing the handles on the bag a bit with my new favorite: Sharpie Paint Markers... They aren't available in many colors yet, but some white flowers and green leaves should spruce them up a little.
I've updated the photo to include the embellishment!

Oooo! Cutie! And a great use of: Scrap Fabric, unused Scrapbook Paper... and of course the cans! (Just make sure you clean them out well... or it'll get a little fishy.) This one turned out a little lumpy, but that could be because I maybe didn't even really look at the tutorial when I was doing it. I might have been all "oh, I can figure this out!" So next time I'll follow along the instructions. (And maybe not waste quite so much hot glue.)

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