Tuesday, August 12, 2008

fun with tee-shirts!

So, over at the old day blog, I'm working on a 101 things in 1001 days post. I'm not quite done, as trying to put together all my little to-do lists into one giant to-do list is a bit more daunting than I thought! However, one of those to-dos is to conquer my pile of repair/rework items. Some of these are pretty straightforward--mend a seam here, stitch a hem there. Others require more thought and time.

The bulk of these reworking projects are tee-shirts. Back in my younger days, when I lived at home and thus had disposable income, I attended many a rock show. Usually at least one a week. Everything from big time rock stars, to little know acts from across the globe given a chance by my teenage self because the tickets were dirt cheap. Along with this concert going went concert tee-shirt buying. I loved those tee-shirts! At the time, I also loved BIG tee-shirts, usually opting for the extra large size. Now, I have a stack of barely worn tees, which I still love but don't wear because I know longer try to drown my frame in tees sized for men who hit the gym or the buffet (or both) more than the average bear.

What to do with them? There's the ever popular tee shirt quilt. I did think about this. However there were some problems with the plan. A) while I sew, I do not quilt B) Once I had the quilt, what would I do with it? 3) Quilts just plain aren't very rock-and-roll.

Then, a while back, I started thinking that there must be a way to take them down. However, older, wiser seamstresses said this was impossible, the scale wasn't right for doing so, they would look just plain wrong. Then, a younger, sassier generation of seamstresses (and seamsters) stepped up and said there was a way!! There are plenty of books and sites for altering tees out there these days. My goal is to make my tees look like other regular articles of clothes that just happen to be made out of tees. I think these two tees from Stitch Lounge fit the bill.

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