Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blast from the Past!

So, I'm hurriedly getting this post in before departing for a fantabulous road trip to Wisconsin tomorrow! I plan on seeing fantastic works of folk art and strange roadside attractions, which I will definitely post about. However, today I want to talk about Care Bears. Back in 1988, at the height of their popularity, my dad helped me make these lovely balsa-wood representations of all my favorites! All you need is: balsa wood, wood stain (Sharpies or Acrylic Paints would work fine, too) a basic template for bear, muzzle, and tummy... and then specialty shapes for the tummy symbols! Eyeballs and ears are colored in with Sharpie... and that's good for drawing in the deatils on Wish Bear's tummy, and the raindrops on Grumpy Bear.
Still cute, even 20 years later!

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