Saturday, May 24, 2008


Long time no post... I fear the beautiful weather is drawing me out of the house and away from all my languishing craft projects! I apparently need to purchase a very long extension cord so I can sew outside.

Also, a local fabric warehouse is going out of business and I may have purchased around 10 yards of "potential apron" fabric. I definitely have a problem.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I was able to pick up my trusty Singer sewing machine from being repaired today! It was the best case scenario, and it should be purring like a kitten, and sewing like a dream again.
Whew. I feel much better now that she's back at home.

April Apron

Finally! It's the apron! I created it based on the adorable fabric, and even added a nearly hidden pocket. (I say nearly hidden, as the rick-rack gives it away.)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Had to sew this! I bought the pattern (and the fabric! ack!) yesterday in downtown White Bear Lake. (oooo la la!) I was up there to check out the Crafted Together show, and they were also doing some cute thing where if you stopped in certain shops they'd give you a flower - so you built your own bouquet! Awesome.

Also stopped in at the Back Door Candy Store and bought candy I didn't need. So good though! Caramel popcorn and Necco wafers and orange crush in a bottle! And Jelly Bellies! MmmMMmmm...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Apron Post!

Obviously I should have just posted my apron when I finished it. Then I wouldn't have missed the posting deadline!

My favorite part was my brilliant decision (lazy) to sew the trim on the pockets with "contrasting" red thread -- and then having to sew it *again* when I attached it to the apron. So not cute.

Honestly, I think it's too cute to actually wear for cooking!!

Coincidentally, I bought a NEW apron pattern today and some cute fabric for a gift! I promise to post the results!

i'm workin' on it!

Yes, I know May first has come and gone, and I have no pictures to show of my apron accomplishments! The weather hasn't been cooperating with my photography wants, so as soon as I can get a chance to get a sunshiney photo, it will be up. Hopefully, that will be by tomorrow evening.