Monday, July 28, 2008

as promised, almost

Here is "My double" (which is currently my niece's double, but that is another blog entirely) modeling my scarf in progress. I wanted to be done at the end of June. I would have been too, had I not decided one skein wasn't enough. Thus, I am currently halfway through my second skein, which I think will make it the correct length. If I knit like the wind, I think I may make it for the end of July. Once I conquer this scarf, I plan to find some chunky yarn that will work on the size fifteen needles I (accidentally) purchased. I could have returned them, but they are so pretty and red and acrylic and shiny. So far, it has been tough finding yarn that is chunky enough, and that I like well enough that I would consider wearing it.

I was going to also post some fabric pics, but the light wasn't cooperating, so I shall get those up as soon as I remember to take shots during the daylight hours!!

In the meantime, I have been enjoying the summer, and all the opportunities it offers to wear sundresses, cotton jumpsuits, and icy cold beverages.


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