Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a quickie

I am madly writing this before check-out time. We've spent a long weekend in Chicago for Lollapalooza! W00T! It's been a swell time of music and fun. Of course, Perry Farrell is a bit of a hippie and tree hugger, so there was much opportunity to learn about recycling and environmentalism. After verifying that we'd offset our carbon footprint in coming to the festival, we grabbed a large garbage bag, and set off to collect mucho recycling that had been abandoned across the grounds. We wound up collecting enough to earn a fab recycled tee-shirt! (I would post a picture, but the tee got a little gross during a mosh pit later in the evening). So, instead, I try to keep the spirit of the festival and being green, and present an oldie but goodie making fabric out of plastic bags!

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