Monday, June 30, 2008

One more bag....

I completed this "manly" diaper for my brother-in-law some time ago. However, as it was a gift, and I couldn't risk anyone stumbling upon it and spoiling the surprise, I had to wait to post.

I made it using McCall's pattern M5339. I do not recommend this pattern. To say it was trying is a major understatement. There were an insane number of steps, many of which were unclear, even to a relatively seasoned sewer, such as myself. Some were outright wrong, and I learned to trust my instincts over the directions. Whilst I am proud of myself for sticking it out instead of giving up, I will never make this pattern again, and was even considering tossing my idea of making my sister-in-law a girly bag. I am glad I continued with hers, as it was a much more pleasant project. I am crossing my fingers that he gets much use out of it, and that it is practical.

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PropTart said...

My brother was *very* into your manly bag, and supremely disappointed when I told him about how much of a struggle it was to make. He even inferred that maybe *I* wouldn't find it as difficult (his confidence in my sewing skills obviously blown WAY out of proportion.)