Thursday, June 19, 2008

inside out and round and round

My mother has been wanting me to make her a bag for a bit, now. I thought it would be delightful to make her a tote bag for her library books, groceries, well, anything that needs toting. Since she'd recently purchased a number of red and black items for her wardrobe (which I wholeheartedly encourage for everyone!), I thought a couple of red-and-black fabrics would suit her needs. Mother's Day seemed like the best option for gifting of such a bag, but the sewing gods were not on my side, and my machine was in and out of the shop.
Thus, she only recently got her bag, and since I couldn't spoil the surprise, I had to wait until now to show off my handiwork. Having made this bag, I now have some modifications I will make for future bags, including the way I turn in the top and how I do the straps (straps are a pain to turn out!). However, I was pleased with the way this turned out and apparently Mom is too, as she has already requested more "in every color." I hope it proves sturdy enough. I double stitched all the seams, and made two rows of topstitching along the top edge to accommodate the various weights of toted things. I am hoping that is sufficient.
Overall, I am happy with this run at the bag, and will keep my peepers peeled for appropriate fabrics!

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