Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This was my final Christmas gift, and last night I finally made it. Talk about Procraftination. Seriously. Anyway, I'm super excited about it because it's the first of my aprons that I've fully lined. It really gives it a nice weight, and it wasn't that much extra work. I'm hopeful that its recipient will get some use out if it. In other news, I still haven't given anyone the other crafted goodness I made for Christmas (everyone is always so over-scheduled during the holidays, don't you think?) so the other crafty goodness is still forthcoming. Maybe next week.

Oh, and this special piece (the Halloween Bandit) I stitched up for my blogging buddy!!

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raven said...

And, if I haven't made it clear...the halloween bandit is fantastic!! I was going to say that I nearly can't bear to pack him up, but who am I kidding? I still have a Happy Halloween thing on my door because I love it too much to take it down!!!