Sunday, January 11, 2009

better than jet puff

Or at least that's the word!
Inspired by Emily over at the Black Apple, I thought I would try my hand at homemade marshmallows. I made hot cocoa mix for a pair of dear friends, who love hot cocoa, and giving them a bag of store-bought marshmallows just didn't seems right! It wasn't as difficult as I thought, thought I need to work on my cutting of said marshmallows. I took photos of my process, but not the finished product, as mine do not look quite as beautiful as Emily's. My pals seemed to enjoy them, and said they were definitely better than what you would pick up at the store. Myself, I simply adore the scent of them. The aroma of vanilla just wafts off of them, heaven to me!! I will probably try my hand at these again, if for no reason than to perfect my technique. I may do a batch hand-dipped in chocolate for gifts during the year, or perhaps for Christmas.

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