Monday, December 1, 2008

before and after

Not so long ago (or so it seems), we made the jump from a futon to a grown up sofa (sofabed, that is). Somewhat unfortunately, the sofa we loved did not come in our first color choice (basic-yet-versatile black). After much pondering, we decided to go with the plum, and figured we could get a black cover when it became available, as we knew they were releasing a new black cover in a few months. Anyhow, said plum sofa, while lovely, did not really go with the color scheme we had been cooking up thus far. I had no intention of painting over the carefully chosen wall color, so we were a bit limited.

Fortunately, inspiration struck. I realised I had fabric on a bolt in my stash that would tie the wall color to the sofa color! I really loved the fabric, and had bought what was left in hopes of many projects that would use it, but wanted to wait for the right moment to use it. The moment had come. I started by covering a wooden frame in the fabric, a lovely pattern of hindu gods and godesses in shades of plum, gold, and rust, to adorn a wall. I realised the fabric would make some great throw pillows, as well, but wanted something to add dimension. So, after an afternoon at JoAnn fabric (I had a coupon!) for trims, and an evening at Crafty Planet (who had a birthday sale) for contrasting fabric, and one more afternoon cozied up to my sewing machine...I had four brand new, distinct throw pillows. Two are up above, next to what they are covering up. I have one more stray pillow, but want to think of something a little funkier for it.

The pillows were deceptively simple...all straight seams and hems. Two are completely sewn shut, but a seam ripper along a small portion of one side would release the inner pillow, and the cover would still be reusable. The other two are envelope style, allowing for even quicker change.

So, if you have some cool fabric and an afternoon, a living room makeover is within reach.

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