Tuesday, April 15, 2008

we wouldn't be complete without a little cheesecake!

So Proptart mentioned a short time ago, our fateful trip to JoAnn Etc. (aka the artist formerly known as JoAnn Fabric). In addition to impulse purchases, I actually purchased things for a planned project! Imagine that. Not only did I purchase these items, I made the item in time to wear it as I had planned! Crazy. This little blog seems to be serving its purpose. I have completed two projects in a timely fashion.

On the left I am wearing a choker I made out of a braided trim and fringe, with a flat hook and eye closure. I made it to coordinate with the trim on the romper (a V-day gift from my hubby, off my wishlist) I wore to the Rubber Ball 2008 at Ground Zero Nightclub in Minneapolis. I also purchase a plume and a maribou clip which are in my hair. I was very pleased with the outcome, which was very old-timey tightrope walker or saloon performer.

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