Monday, April 14, 2008

...and scene...

Just had to pop in to say, I have officially finished the project from hell. It started out so innocuously, what I thought would be a thoughtful, useful gift. I picked the perfect pattern, fabric, notions. I cut out all the pieces. Then, I looked at the directions. Just when I thought I made headway, the next step would tell me to repeat the last five or so. I thought I was halfway, until I realized there was another page. However, I have conquered all 67 steps (those were just the ones that were numbered), figured out how to fix most of the mistakes in the directions, and live with the one I didn't catch.

I would post a picture and more details, but as it is a gift, that will have to wait as to not spoil the surprise! Now, onto a different gift, and the April Apron challenge!!

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