Sunday, May 3, 2009

A little Amy Butler...

I acquired some small scraps of Amy Butler fabric the other day... not really big enough to make a project, but definitely cute. So I was thinking back on all that I've read about craft fairs since Raven and I got the good news about our debut, and they mention having something fairly low-priced and accessible. I'd read a tutorial at Whip-Up for these travel-size tissue covers that are super cute! I'd been wanting to give it a try for a while, so here goes!

How cute, right? Right! I did have to make some adjustment (apparently travel-sized tissues in Australia are a different size package than here in the US) and I'm using bias tape instead of ribbon. But this is my first time using Wunder-Under, and I love it!

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javaluv said...

Wunder-Under is da bomb! We used it a lot for adding details to costumes for the children's theatre at the Okoboji Summer Theatre. The Queen of Hearts? Yeah, all those hearts on her dress were affixed with Wunder-Under.

Wish I could be at your craft show debut on the 30th. You've got some great stuff!