Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Green Gift... and Just a Regular Green Bag

So the first bag here was a present for my good friend (who had a birthday recently) because she finally picked a MN RollerGirls team to support: the Garda Belts! The second was inspired by some outdoor clearance fabric at JoAnn (again -- why do I even walk through the clearance area? I always find SOMEthing I shouldn't buy!) Green seems to be the color of the hour! Must be my continuing hope that spring will come eventually. Waking up to snow this morning was NOT cool.

PS - I was perusing the Crate & Barrel "Best Buys" catalog, and lo ad behold: on one of their outdoor furniture sets they are selling cushions with the self-same green vine-y fabric! I have to get in on this Crate and Barrel action!

1 comment:

mjm said...

One lucky friend. Great looking bags!!