Sunday, March 22, 2009

Magazine Review: freshHOME

So, here's the deal: I love magazines. The only thing I love more than a regular magazine issue, is a PREMIER magazine issue! There are many favorites that I've purchased over the years. Some, I've watched grow into full-fledged established magazines, others I have watched struggle to build an audience, then fold, much to my chagrin.

The most recent addition to the list of premier issues is that of freshHOME ( On a recent bookstore trip, I spied the title with the tagline, "Easy ideas for Hands-On People." I like easy ideas! I am a hands-on person! I could have easily holed up in the store's coffee shop, perused the mag, and quietly ditched it for an unsuspecting employee to stumble upon. However, I couldn't do that. Well, I could've easily holed up, perused the mag, and ditched it. However, I would have ditched it in its home in the home improvement magazines, as karma would have taken its toll had I left the periodical for one of the clerks at the bookstore. Enough about that, the magazine made its way into the small pile of purchases I made that evening.

Fortunately, the hubs drove me home, as I couldn't wait to dive in. With the overhead light illuminating my purchase, I dove into the pages. The publication got immediate points for an opening ad by Elmira Stove Works. One day, when I am wealthy and living in my dream home, I will own their vintage inspired pieces. The fact that the ad featured one of my favorite colors was just icin gon the cake. I forced myself past the ad, and continued on.

A favorite point was the key to the projects contained within. Each project contains not only the price it will cost to DIY (do it yourself) it also contained the price to BIY (buy it yourself), along with where to find the piece. As someone who looks at many items in the marketplace and knows I could make them myself, it is refreshing to see if it is worth it to make it myself. After all, my time is worth something. Finally, each project lists the skill level, and about how long the project will take. All this information makes it much easier to decide which projects are worth the time, and which I should just drive to the store for. In some cases, the stores are on my blacklist, which makes it a no-brainer for me to either build it, or live without.

For a premier issue, I found freshHOME nicely balanced between basic information to get one started, and generally useful information. For instance, the listings of basic tools one should own was more basic than I need at this point (thanks Dad!), however, I loved the pages on making one's curb more appealling, and making the maintenance simple.

This issue, available until April 27th, offered articles for seasoned craftspeople as well as the novice. I look forward to the next publication to make a better assessment of how useful it will be.

Please note: This review is completely voluntary! I happened upon this magazine by chance, thought it was interesting, and am offering my perspectiv on it for those who are curious. I am not being compensated by the publisher, nor am I receiving anything for posting this.

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PropTart said...

Sounds like I have another magazine to buy. As if I needed one. :) Great review!