Monday, September 8, 2008

not according to plan...

...I left work on Friday with the best of intentions. Outside of getting in my 25 minute, two-and-a-half mile run to keep on track for running a 5K at the end of the month, I was going to cut, cut, cut! Fabric, that is. My plan was to dig up all the fabric I was planning to use for reversible totes, like the one I made my mom for mama's day, and cut out the basic pieces. Then, whenever a free minute emerged, I could stitch together said pieces, tiny assembly line style.

Unfortunately, the weekend went a little haywire. The 'rents are staying with us for a bit of a visit. My mom hurt her foot whilst out walking her dog Friday night. Come Saturday, it just hurt more and she couldn't walk. So, the hubs dropped my dad and her off at the ER. She came home in a splint with orders to see an orthopedic doc Today about her broken bone. Fortunately, it was the best case scenario, and she is casted and relaxing. However, my Saturday went to cleaning up and getting things situated so she could lounge on the sofa and keep her foot up. Sunday went to me being horizontal due to craptastic headaching. Boo!!

However, I have a plan for making the bags. I think a fabric store run is in order for some contrasting fabric to a couple of solo pieces I have, then I have to sort fabric into piles for which piece it will become, then cut and sew! Simple, n'est pas? In other news, I was totally inspired whilst perusing the mall. I have an idea for an accessory combining beading and textiles and other fun stuff. I'm hoping to get a prototype up this week for approval.

So, lots of words, and no action this week...BOO! I promise to improve. Or should I continue to put it off?

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